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The Best of June 2015: News, Tutorials, and Freebies

It’s time once again for our regular round-up of the best industry news, tutorials, and freebies. Summer’s officially in full swing and so too, it would seem, are the experts! Enjoy this month’s great selection.



Photoshop CC 2015 Improvements

Adobe Photoshop has some interesting new features, which are helpfully reviewed here by Kieran Black. In particular, designers are loving the artboards, multiple layer style instances, and stroke overprint. You can get the official word on the matter at Adobe.com.

WordPress Insights

When running a blog or site, it’s good to know your stats. WordPress Insights give you immediate access to those all-important numbers, revealing when people are visiting, what they’re looking at, and what is trending. Find out all about it from Jonathan Sadowski.

WWDC 2015

The big news that emerged at Apple’s WWDC 2015 included the announcement of the latest OS: El Capitan, a big Apple Watch software update, the release of Apple Music, and much more. Get the official news from The Next Web and The Verge.



Undoing Even the Worst Mistakes in Git

Mistakes: we all make them. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to erase your error and start afresh. This great guide shows you how to use Git to undo just about anything.

Essential JavaScript Functions

There are a few functions that every developer should have in their JavaScript toolkit. David Walsh has written a handy list of the seven functions that every discerning designer needs to know.

Responsive Typography with Sass Maps

Getting responsive typography right can be a complicated task, especially if the type isn’t scaling linearly. Here’s a great article telling you how to use Sass maps to make the task much easier.

CSS-Only Poseable Mannequin

Make sure you check out this fantastic adjustable mannequin by Burak Can. It’s crazy what you can do in pure CSS!



Trendy Web Color Palettes

Color is one of the most important visual aspects of web design. As we all know, the right palette can make or break the effect! If you’ve ever felt anxious about the colors you’re using, check out this nice article on Awwwards.com.

Cards Trend in Web Design

Cards, as Jerry Cao so succinctly points out in this article, are everywhere in web design. However, there’s a reason they’re so popular: they are a great way of managing information on the screen, and are perfect for responsive design. Read his article to find out more.

Designing for Color-Blindness

When designing a site, it’s important to consider whether all users can access the content. This thought-provoking article provides you with insight about how a color-blind person views a site, and how you can improve your content to enhance their experience.

Getting to Grips with Logo Design

When designing a logo, the pressure is on to deliver something with the wow-factor, to help your client stand out from their competitors. We love this series of articles in Smashing Magazine, outlining exactly what you should consider when designing. Think about symbols, nature, and geometry!

Create a Cityscape in Illustrator

A cityscape on a site never fails to look visually impressive. The big question is how to create one. Veerle Pieters has taken the time to write a guide, explaining how to use Adobe Illustrator to achieve precisely this.



Free Flat UI Kits

Here’s a great list of 30 handy UI templates and kits, all designed in a flat style. They’re free to download, fully editable, and are highly useful to have in your designer’s toolbox. Thanks to Speckyboy for this useful freebie!

Free UI Kits for Sketch App

If you love to work with Sketch when designing apps and websites, this selection of great UI kits is sure to delight. Happy downloading!

60+ Free Fonts

WebdesignerDepot has sourced the 60 finest fonts of 2015 and, best of all, they are all completely free to use.


We hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up and found it inspirational, invigorating, and, above all, useful. If you think we’ve missed something vital off the list or you simply want to comment, please do get in touch. To keep up with the latest news, please subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us via Twitter and Facebook.

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