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Is Your Site Edge Ready?


Windows 10 is now available and it’s an entirely new version of Microsoft’s operating system. Apart from a refined, modern look, Windows 10 introduces features that will make a significant impact on web design and development. What are the most important innovations and how can you get ready to them? Let’s find out!

Windows 10 – What’s New?


  • The Start Menu
    Not only is the Start menu back, but it lives in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. It also serves as a space to store those annoying Live Tiles. You can continue to let the Live Tiles consume your entire screen or you can store them on the Start menu where they belong.
  • Multitasking in a Snap
    The Snap feature is considered to be one of the biggest improvements. You can drag any window to an edge screen and it will snap back to fill half the screen. The other half will be populated by your other open windows. Pretty snappy, eh?
  • Better Navigation
    Navigation is all around easier and cleaner. Those annoying hot corners from Windows 8 that were totally not hot are now gone. Hurray! The new Action Center is your notification center. It collects alerts and provides a quick access to settings.
  • The Task View Feature
    The totally cool Task View displays all your open programs on a single screen. Now you can quickly and easily find what you need. This new feature is so valuable that it gets its own button on the task bar. Find it, use it, and multitasking will be so easy you won’t know you are using a Microsoft product.
  • Cortana
    Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Siri. Just like Siri you will love it or hate it. It can be voice activated but the visual application is more useful. It can give you an overview of your day, from events to weather to reminding you to buy milk.
  • The Edge Browser
    With the whole new OS comes a new browser, so you can finally say farewell to IE! Is it as good as promised? It’s time to dig deeper!

Edge – How Cool Is It?


Edge was built for a better, cleaner, and faster browsing experience. While it currently doesn’t support add-ons and extensions, it will by the end of the year. Here’s what we love about Edge most.

  • Fast
    The best and most important thing about Edge is speed and performance. It can make browsing the Web a real joy. Edge proved to be faster than Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari browser in a lot of benchmark tests.
  • Safe
    IE had an incredibly bad reputation for safety. It was earned because the no-goodniks of the world managed to easily find and exploit every crevice and crevasse in IE. Microsoft claims that during the development of Edge, safety was their major concern.
  • Clean
    Edge is absolutely clutter-free and pretty intuitive. There are few commands and widgets, but if you want to change some options, you can do this in the settings menu. A Reader View is also available. This will strip out distracting menus and ads.
  • Personal
    When Cortana is enabled within Edge, this new digital assistant will look up the words for you. Just highlight it, right click and select “Ask Cortana” to search. The results will appear in a sidebar and will depend on what you searched.
  • Convenient
    Another cool feature in Edge is the Reading List. It is the perfect solution to the problem of clogging up your bookmarks with something you only want to read once. Now you can click Favorites and you get the option to bookmark or add to the Reading List.

The Big Question – Is Your Site Ready for Edge?

Yes! The PSD2HTML team always keep their eyes on the ball. Our geeky R&D guys and meticulous QA engineers have been really busy. Today, we’re excited to announce that Edge is now supported. If you want your website to load flawlessly and render beautifully in this new, powerful browser (as well as all the other popular ones) you know what to do! Make sure your site is ready for the bright, dynamic future. Drop us a line for a free quote today!

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