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Internet Explorer 8 Now Supported

As many of you already know, the latest version of Internet Explorer has just been released. It is the eighth release – IE8.

We are happy to inform you that we of course offer markup compatibility with this new browser version, and are always on top of the game and up-to-date for you!


  1. Michael Robbins Mar 26, 2009

    Hopefully IE6 will die now 🙂

  2. Simon Jensen Apr 02, 2009

    I don’t think that IE 6 is much of an issue to thing about now. The majority uses 7x or other 3rd part browsers. Me and a friend did some stats reviews and it was a handful of IE 6 users and this is almost 2 years ago.

  3. Jackson Apr 16, 2009

    I use IE 7

  4. Johnson Koh Apr 17, 2009

    Agree with Simon. Mine shows the same.

  5. Steven Apr 20, 2009

    I run a Dutch website with very basic information and almost 20% of all visitors still use IE6. This is based on last month.

  6. Sean May 04, 2009

    I know the “odds” are that people no longer use it, but why is it always the client that has some dinosaur browser in his office when you want to review your work? IE 5.5? WTF?!?

  7. David Goecke May 05, 2009

    What do you mean by “offer markup compatibility” ?

    Thank you!

  8. Dave Jun 08, 2009

    Hate to give you more bad news bad about 20% of our users still have IE6. It really depends who your audience is, but IE6 was the default browser for many years and a lot of people don’t bother upgrading.

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