Instant Quote and ETA, Price Freeze, and Other Benefits: Our New Frontend and WP Order Now Pages

Get an instant quote and price freeze for our WP and Frontend Services

You might know that we completely revamped our Frontend and WordPress ORDER NOW pages back in March this year. We removed a number of outdated parameters, improved the arrangement of basic and advanced options within the forms, added the ASAP service toggle for urgent projects, and introduced some other important changes.

We did all that with one overriding goal in mind: to provide our clients with a quote and ETA immediately instead of making them wait for hours. Now, two months later, we can say with confidence that the new pages proved to be worth the time and effort. Here are just a few facts to back it up:

  1. With the old forms, our clients used to complain that the total price a PM quoted was higher than the one they’d seen on an ORDER NOW page. That was true for 90% of the projects. After we rolled out the updates, those complaints stopped altogether.
  2. Previously, it took us a few hours to quote you. Now, you can get the exact total price for selected options instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of your time zone. This means you don’t have to wait for our working day to start. Besides, we freeze the total price. It doesn’t change anymore.

Comparing the Old and New Ordering Flows

Let’s compare the old and new ordering flows, using a real project to illustrate the differences.

Brief Project Description

The client contacted us with a request to code his design concept (PSD) into a clean HTML5/CSS3 code. There were 3 designs:


Image 2

Service Page

Image 3

Request Quote Page

Image 4

Quoting and ETA Calculation: The Old Forms

The previous ordering flow looked like this:

  1. The client used the old form to get a quote.
  2. The client paid according to the quote.
  3. A PM got in touch with the client and asked him or her some clarifying questions. This could take several hours.
  4. The PM sent the quote with additional details to the client. In 90% of the cases, the total price in that quote was higher than the one in the first version.

Here’s what it would look like for our sample project:


  1. The first quote version: 3 pages + options = $714
  2. After discussing the details with a PM and estimating the actual scope of work:
  • HTML/CSS — $1,122
  • JS – $164:
    • Sticky header
    • Animation on scroll
    • JS help with the colored text
  • QA — $79
  • PM — $108


Total: $1,473 (9 business days)

As you can see, the total price ultimately went up from $714 to $1,473.

Quoting and ETA Calculation: The New Forms

The new ordering flow looks different:

  1. The client uses the new form to get a quote and ETA.
  2. The client pays according to the quote.
  3. The order goes to the PM, and the work starts immediately. The PM may ask the client to clarify certain details. However, the answers won’t affect the final price at all.

Here’s what it looks like for our sample project:

Our New Order Now Pages for WP and Frontend

  • One page from the L category
  • One page from the S category
  • One page from the XS category
  • + JS/CSS Interactivity options (15%)
  • + Bootstrap


Total:  $1,360 (9 business days)

This price is frozen. No further charges apply.

A Few More Important Details About the Revamped Pages

When You Can Benefit from the New Forms Most

The new forms we use on the revamped ORDER NOW pages are perfect for standard projects. That is, when you know precisely what kinds of pages your site will have, what content they will feature, and other essential parameters.

We’ve grouped the pages that typical projects include under several categories to help you avoid inaccuracies while ordering:

  • XS: About Us (text page only), Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Single Blog Post, 404 page, Other text pages.
  • S: About Us (beyond text page), FAQ, Contact Us,Testimonials, Our Team.
  • M: Portfolio Grid, Case Study, Blog page, Services, eCommerce: Product Page, Account, Cart, Checkout.
  • L: Home Page, Product/Service, Landing Page, Dashboard, eCommerce: Product Listing.
  • XL: Your custom page

Unsure which category a page belongs to? Just ping us in the chat or pick a category that seems the most fitting.

The New Forms Are Our Exclusive Feature

The forms we now use on the new ORDER NOW pages are unique. As far as we know, no other web development and design company offers similar tools. They allow you to get a precise ETA and “frozen” quote in just a few minutes. This is possible even if you have no design ready yet but definitely know what pages you need.

You can also benefit by using the forms under the following scenarios:

  • You need a fixed cost for your project right here, right now.
  • You need to calculate development cost for a future project.
  • You don’t have specific coding and/or process requirements.
  • Your design is self-explanatory and does not require extensive specification or investigation.

So why wait? Try out our new Frontend and WordPress ORDER NOW forms right now!

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