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Inspiration Time!

Enjoy this week’s compilation of articles carefully selected for your inspiration. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Make sure you get some rest! 🙂

30 Creative Resume Designs That Will Make You Rethink Your CV


Take a look at your resume. Do you find it impressive? Would you want to interview yourself after looking at that resume? No? Then you should definitely check out this super awesome compilation and get some fresh ideas for your resume.

50 Gorgeous Examples of Road Pictures


When driving or walking we mostly use this time to think, try to remember something, plan, listen to music. We do it all, except for taking a little time to sit back and look at the road or walk slower and look around. See this cool set of road pictures, that may make you want to pay more attention to what you see around.

35+ Excellent Adobe Illustrator Tutorials


It takes time to get used to using Adobe Illustrator, and that’s when tutorials come in handy. Check out this set of excellent Adobe Illustrator Tutorials.

20 High Quality Free Fonts Every Designer Should Own


There’s no such thing as too many quality fonts for a designer. If you’re on a quest for more fonts, check out this compilation of cool and free fonts. They may come in handy!

How Freelancers Can Network Better at Coworking Space


Learn how you can work and network with fellow freelancers at coworking space.

Firebug Guide for Web Designers


Firebug is an open source web development tool extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It’s got tons of features that can be of good use to both developers and designers. Check out this useful firebug guide for web designers.

21 Inspiring Examples of Typography in Web Design


Yet another amazing compilation of inspiring examples of typography in web design, but hey, there can’t be too many! Enjoy!

A Look Into: Designing For Mobile Devices


Ok, so it’s not a surprise that the world has gone mobile. So in order to improve your client’s experience, you need to make sure that you learn how to design for mobile devices. Check out these cool tips on how to do it better.

Create a Typography Based Blog Layout in HTML5


Check out this useful tutorial to learn the process of creating a typography based blog design in HTML5 and CSS3.

Original Hover Effects with CSS3


Learn how to use the power of CSS3 by creating some thumbnail hover effects with CSS3 transitions.

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