Importance of Web Accessibility

Understanding that the visitors of your site can encounter various problems is a quality that each professional web developer needs to possess.
Many people cannot even imagine their lives without Internet these days. It provides access to news, email, online purchasing, fun activities, etc.
Most newspapers, for example, publish their content online, and it’s an utter disappointment for those who are visually impaired and can’t just read the news. If you choose your website to be more accessible, you will ensure that people with disabilities can access your website just like everyone else.
Here is how making your website more accessible will help people with the following disabilities:

Visual Impairment

Visually impaired people can access their information with the help of “screen readers”. These programs read the printed text out loud, which helps unseeing people use computers and receive access to a text content of any kind. It also provides an opportunity to read a newspaper independently without waiting for expensive records and additional aids. They can just open the browser and listen to a screen-reader.

Physical Impairment

For people with physical disabilities, who can’t just pick up the paper and turn the pages they can get the access to online news portals with the help of their computer using technologies that were designed to adapt the computer interface to their disabilities.

Hearing Impairment

People who are hard of hearing have always had the opportunity to read the papers on their own, however when it comes to video materials, they can read typed versions of important speeches or watch multimedia content with subtitles.


Web accessibility is not only important for people with disabilities, there are some technical benefits to it too. Making your website more accessible, also helps people who have limited access to certain technology.

Why is accessibility important to you?

You may ask: how will I benefit from accessibility? or why should I worry about making my site more accessible?
Here are a couple of reasons why it is important to make your site more accessible for people with disabilities:

Increase Your Audience

If you do not feel the need to make your website more accessible, then you’re excluding a large amount of potential visitors to your website.
The web is there to provide information to everyone. There will definitely be people in your audience who are not able to see, hear or simply pick up the mouse, and it is up to you to make your website more accessible for them.

Improve Your Reputation

By making your website more accessible you will increase the customer satisfaction, therefore improve or regain your website’s reputation.

Increase Usability

Making your web site more accessible will not only benefit people with disabilities. Increased usability ensures that your visitors can carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Web search engine has small “bots” which may not be able to understand pictures or make sense of complicated code. Making your site accessible will definitely improve your SEO ranking.


People are all equal in their rights to receive information. It doesn’t matter if they speak a different language, or have a certain disability, or lack of access to certain technology. Choosing to make your website more accessible to all your visitors, goes to show that you really care about your audience.

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