Holiday Gifts for Designers

Designers are a special breed, and thus they might be slightly difficult to please when it comes to holiday gifts. In order to find something really special, you’ll need to think outside the box and find something that could be useful, inspirational, or just plain funny. Here are a few suggestions to help kick start your holiday shopping.

Design Tools

In all likelihood, you designer friends and colleagues already have the basic tools needed for successful design work. So if you’re going to get them supplies, it should be something a little out of the ordinary. This helvetica notebook is perfect for your designer friend to write and sketch new ideas, and this bamboo portfolio cover will showcase any body of work professionally. If you’re looking for a slightly more substantial gift, a USB monitor can be extremely useful for designers who are looking to increase their productivity.


Here are some suggested reads for graphic designers, all of which would make great gifts. They include inspiration, tips and tutorials, and business practices for those designers who freelance or own their own business. Another idea would be to purchase a magazine subscription for your designer pal so they can stay up on the latest design trends and get lots of inspiration each month. A few worth looking into include Layers Magazine and How Magazine.


There are many interesting documentaries dedicated to graphic design topics. Between the Folds is actually about paper sculpture, which might seem a bit obscure, but it brings up many interesting aspects of design in general and is actually quite interesting. Helvetica is another title about a semi-obscure topic, a typeface, but it has gained a lot of praised over the past few years because of its exploration of the creative process and aesthetics that led to the great success of the popular typeface. Objectified is a film about the design work that went into all of the everyday objects that some of us take for granted. It’s an incredibly interesting watch for designers and non-designers alike.

Home Goods

Home items make great gifts for all sorts of people, but in this case you might want to rethink going the generic scented candle route. There are so many wonderful items available for designers that are more personal. Browse a site like Etsy for some unique goods like this anti-comic sans wall art or this modern wall clock.

Clothing and Accessories

For web designers, this hexadecimal printed neck tie is a very distinctive option. Since Adobe Illustrator is the best friend of all types of graphic designers, this ai necklace is a perfect choice for any designer on your list. And t-shirts are a wardrobe staple for everyone, so check out shops like Turn Nocturnal and Veer for a whole lot of options.

Whether you’re looking to buy a small gift for a web-designing co-worker, or a larger gift for your graphic designer spouse, you’ll need to find something distinctive. These suggestions are a good start. Do you have any other unique gift ideas?

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