Google Maps Services Become Paid

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Google Maps was replaced with Google Maps Platform for businesses and developers on July 16, 2018.

What Are The Main Changes?

Now, a credit card is required and most free features have become paid. You will get only low-res maps with a watermark or even an error without a unique API key or Client ID.

What You Should Consider

The main thing you should consider is whether it makes financial sense to keep using the services offered by the platform. Google will provide you with the credit of $200 for using the platform’s features for free once a month.

Is the credit of $200 for the free usage of these services enough? Well, as our experience has shown, the most relevant and widely-used features are:

  • Mobile Native Static Maps;
  • Dynamic Maps;
  • Mobile Native Dynamic Maps;
  • Static Maps;
  • Embed;
  • Basic Data;
  • Embed Advanced;
  • Directions;
  • Places Details;
  • Directions Advanced;
  • Contact Data.

Most of our clients do not need any extra features besides the ones stated above. If this is the case for you and you stick to using only these features, $200 should be quite enough for you. However, we strongly recommend that you be cautious when you are setting up your account and ensure that you have chosen only the features that you require.

The Bottom Line

In case you would like to look through the complete list of features and their prices, check out this link. You can also find out more about the recent changes here.

If you don’t have time or simply don’t want to figure these updates out, we already have and will take care of everything for you. Contact us and we’ll help! 

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    $200 should be quite enough for me

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