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6 Ways to Get Noticed by Design Bloggers

Want to get your graphic design noticed by more people? Well, who doesn’t?

You’ve probably tried a lot of the traditional promotional routes, but what more can you do?

Being featured by a graphic design blog can bring some great exposure to your business. There are so many graphic design blogs that would absolutely love to feature your work. So how do you get noticed?

Look for blogs that suit your personal design style

With so many different blogs out there, there are bound to be some that match your style. Targeting these blogs is a better use of your time, because you already know that the blogger(s) appreciate your aesthetic.

Connect on social networks

Most bloggers use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to connect with their readers. It is really easy to get in touch with bloggers using these tools. Don’t just submit links to them via these sites though. Simply talk to them. If they ask questions, answer. If they write something about their day that you can relate to, respond. You can even get involved right on the blog itself. Leaving comments is a great way to get a blogger’s attention, but don’t actually pitch your own design in the comments. Add to the conversation and simply comment on what the post says. Just getting your name noticed can help you tremendously when you go to submit your work.

Check their submission guidelines

A lot of blogs have guidelines for submissions. Pay very close attention to things like formatting especially. If they tell you to submit .jpg files, don’t submit a PDF. They probably won’t even look at it. If they tell you to submit via a form on their website, don’t send an email. Your submission will get thrown in the trash.

Keep it personal

Don’t send out a mass, impersonal email to a bunch of bloggers at once. Catering your response to one specific blogger will greatly increase your chance of being noticed. Specifically say why you think your design would go well with their blog.

Be persistent, but not too persistent

Bloggers are usually very busy people. Sometimes they forget to respond to emails (much like the rest of us), and sometimes they get backed up and don’t have time to look at every single submission that comes to their inbox. Sending email after email won’t always help the situation. If your design is not featured, don’t worry that it was not good enough. Continue to submit new design work and come up with new and fresh ideas to contribute.

Think outside the box

A great way to get a blogger’s attention is to offer something special to them or their readers. This means that instead of just saying, “here is my design work, and here’s why I think you should feature it,” you could offer something more, such as a giveaway or a tutorial. This will still get your name out there in the design community, and people tend to take notice when they are receiving something valuable from you.

The most important thing to remember when pitching to a blog is that they are all different. Cater to a specific blog and make sure you have a great design to offer. No matter how great your pitch is, it’s worth nothing if you don’t have great design to back it up.

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