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Get Inspired!

This week’s compilation for your inspiration is ready! Please enjoy and have a creative weekend!

5 Reasons Why All Freelance Writers Should Learn To Write a Sales Letter


Here’s why freelancers should learn to write sales letters.

The Key to Effective Long Copy


Need to write effective long copy? Read how here.

Why Bad Writing is Essential to Good Blogging


Why bad writing is essential to good blogging. Yes, you read that right.

5 Must Read Google+ Infographics


Check out these 5 must see Google+ infographics!

Mobile Web Design Trends and Best Practices


Read this about Mobile web design best practices and trends. Some great examples.

30 Recent Photoshop Tutorials for Web Designers


Some recent photoshop tutorials for Web Designers for your review.

Examples And Tips For Using Illustrator’s Warp Tools


Here are some tips and examples of how to use Adobe Illustrator’s warp tools.

Freebie: Professional E-Commerce Icons Set (20 Icons)


20 Free professional e-commerce icons for you to choose from.

What Web Designers Can Learn From Video Games


Enjoy video games? You can play and learn something at the same time.

Defending The Generalists In The Web Design Industry


Being a Web Design generalist has its advantages. You just may not be aware of them. Learn more here.

Email Is (Still) Important And Here Is Why


Think email is so yesterday? Think again. It is still important and here is why.

25 Intelligent Resume Ideas


Need an edge in the job market. Learn from these 25 creative resume ideas.

20 Inspiring Examples of Single Page Websites


One is the loneliest number, Not. Here are 20 single page web designs to inspire you today.

10 Unmissable TED Videos For Designers


Watch these 10 can’t miss Ted video’s for Designers.

Wedding Photography: 20 Top Photographers & Their Masterpieces


Are you looking? Here are 20 top Wedding Photographer’s with samples.

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