Friday Inspiration

Please enjoy this week’s inspirational compilation!

Useful Tips and Tricks for Google+ (Plus)

Help has already arrived for Google+ users. Find it here.

10 Apps for More Efficient Tweeting

Organize your Twitter life efficiently with these 10 Tools.

Regrets of Life what I could be? Conceptual photography

Some cool conceptual photography here.

25+ Most Creative Paper-Cut illustrations

Want a fun way to end the week? Check out these paper cut illustrations.

The top 10 open source web fonts

Check out these open source web fonts.

Learning To Use The :before And :after Pseudo-Elements In CSS

Here is a quick lesson in CSS. How to use the before and after:

Behind The Scenes Of Nike Better World

Check out one of the most talked about websites over the past year.

Picking A Mobile Support Strategy For Your Website

Read this for insight into developing a mobile support strategy for your Site.

25 examples of symmetry in web design

Symmetry is a beautiful thing. Look at these examples of Web Design symmetry.

10 New High-Quality Free Fonts

More free fonts for your designing pleasure.

20 Fresh Examples of Color Usage in Web Design

Brighten your day with these colorful Web Design examples.

20 Useful iPhone Apps for Developers & Designers

It is more than a phone! Here are some more useful iPhone apps for you to check out.

CSS3 @font-face Design Guide

Having some issues using custom fonts? Here is a great guide for most issues and a “how to” develop fall back fonts in case.

Using the Law of Attraction in Web Design

Is it true that “opposites attract”? Find out if it’s true in Web Design.

Injecting Personality in Your Web Designs

Learn how to inject personality into websites.

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