Friday Compilation

It’s Friday and you already know where you need to go to get some inspiration…HERE! Enjoy this week’s compilation and have a fun weekend! Come back next week, more interesting stuff to come!

20 Really Useful HTML5 Tutorials

Excited about HTML5 but need a quick lesson? Here are 20 tutorials to choose from in order to jump start your efforts.

How Many Pages Does A Website Need?

How many pages does your website need? Read here to discover the truth!

Top 5 Apps to Edit Documents Online

Need a good document collaboration site? Here are the top 5! Before you look, can you guess which ones are listed?

Compilation of Top 10 Film Marquee Font Styles

Love Movie Posters? It is all in the font. Here are the top 10 film Marquee font styles to get those creative juices flowing.

Create fluid width videos

Here are some CSS and jQuery solutions to help you create responsive and fluid width videos for multiple media outlets like Youtube.

Designing For Android Tablets

Creating apps for Android Tablets requires a lot of creativity and….read more here. Hint includes how to.

What’s new for designers – Aug 2011

Here is the latest “What’s new for developers and designers”. Some great free and low cost apps highlighted and ready for you.

What Are Websites Made Of? (Infographic)

You have heard that “girls are made of sugar, spice and…” So what are websites made of? This infographic illustrates the answer for you.

22 Inspiring Examples of Contact Forms and Pages

Here are examples of some awesome contact forms and pages you may want for your website.

A Look Into: Better Typography For Modern Websites

It’s time as the saying goes “out with the old, and in with the new”…Typography for modern websites that is. Time to get a new look?

8 Photoshop Tricks I Wish I Knew When I Was a Student

Here are some photoshop tricks that you might have wished you knew as a student…well, we know it is not all you wished you knew as a student, but that is for another article.

10 Twitter Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

CAUTION! Reading this can make you a responsible Twitter user. Enter at your own risk!

25 Free Vintage and Retro Fonts

Add a bit of class with these Vintage and Retro fonts.

22 Articles and Tutorials for Getting Started with jQuery

Getting started with jQuery? Here are several tutorials to get you up and running fast!

Things Web Designers Do That People Love

Want to know what people love in web design? These tips provide important insight into your target audience and how to please them.

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