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The Best Websites to Find Freelance Work

Freelancing is a great way to do what you love while keeping a flexible work schedule.  But finding work can sometimes seem difficult if you’ve exhausted your one or two favorite job boards.  Here are some of the most popular and well-respected websites for finding freelance work.  If you haven’t checked out all eight of these sites, you might want to take a look.


This is a huge favorite with freelancers and those looking to hire them.  Its organized system allows companies to hire freelancers as part of a team for a specific job or project and allows you to “work together as if you’re in the same office.”  When searching for jobs, you can view feedback on each employer so you’ll know which ones are reliable and which ones you might want to stay away from.  Over the years, ODesk has gained a really great reputation in the freelance world, so you know there will be design jobs available, and you know you’ll receive compensation.

Freelance Switch

This site provides opportunities to all kinds of freelancers, so the variety is definitely one of its pros.  In addition, the site has all kinds of tips, articles and resources that can benefit new and veteran freelancers.


You already know this one.  Of course there are many cons to using Craigslist to find work, but the simple fact of the matter is that there are just A LOT of jobs posted here.  So you might have to weed through a lot of spam and jobs that are completely unrelated to you, but there are so many postings here that you can’t find on any other sites.


Even if you’ve never blogged a day in your life, there are so many design blogs looking for experts in your field that it might be worth a try.  There’s no right or wrong way to blog, so if you have basic communication skills and an expertise in design, blogging could be a great way to get your name out there, make connections, and supplement your income.  And Problogger is one of the most trusted sites for blogging jobs.


This site caters mostly to web designers and developers, so freelancers looking for those types of jobs can find a very targeted base on this site.  From design to blogging to programming to SEO, web savvy job seekers can find what you’re looking for at Scriptlance.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a free directory for the world’s top freelancers, the main thing that it is completely free, there are no markups and no fees for both the freelancer or business owner.

The platform is easy to use for both business owners and freelancers. Business owners can quickly find and scale a remote team for their business, they are able to search thousands of contractors based on skill, location or category and contact the team member they feel will be a good fit directly.

Smashing Jobs

Of course Smashing Magazine is one of the most trusted online magazines for graphic designers, so their job board has to be one of the best out there. Since it’s a well-known source, many companies post their design jobs here instead of other sites since they know it will reach a large but targeted audience.  Web designers, developers, and creatives of all kinds can find something on this job board.


Creating a professional profile on Elance means that your skills will be noticed by all kinds of potential employers.  This site allows employers to build a team or hire a single freelancer for a project.  There are so many options on this site, it’s no wonder its built a well-respected following throughout the freelance world.


This site offers several targeted categories that will allow employers to find great designer, web developers and other creative professionals (a.k.a. you).  In addition, Guru’s escrow payment system helps to keep both employer and employee safe from scams.

Each of these sites are different, but they all have their own positive attributes.  Keeping your job hunt diversified can be very important when making a living as a freelancer.  Which of these sites are your personal favorites?  Do you have any favorites not on the list?


  1. Justin Spencer Jan 27, 2015

    The list is good. You should also add few more to the list like DICE , GETACODER , etc

  2. Jarelle Nov 26, 2015

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