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The Best of February 2015: News, Tutorials, and Freebies

February may have been short on days, but it certainly wasn’t short on exciting news from around the web. Here’s a collection of our favorite web design and development tips, tricks, and freebies from the past month. Enjoy!



St. Patrick’s Day Design Challenge

We’ve joined forces with the folks at DepositPhotos, DesignModo, 99 designs, and Noupe to bring you a fun and rewarding design contest. St. Patrick’s Day is the theme and the sky’s the limit. If you haven’t joined in yet, you should do so now. There are only three days left!

JavaScript Custom Forms

JCF is a powerful tool for the smooth cross-browser styling of form elements, such as select fields, checkboxes, radio-buttons, scrollbars etc. JCF is flexible, unobtrusive, and easy to combine with other scripts. You can check out more detailed documentation on GitHub, and give it a test drive for your next project. The script is absolutely free!


Must-Sees for Developers


In his guest post at CSS Tricks, Dennis Gaebel shares the ins and outs of how his fancy Low PolyLion demo came to life, and provides insights and tricks for your own polygon SVG animations.

Funky CSS3 Toggle Buttons

Who needs boring on and off toggles when you can have day and night, like and dislike, neon and shadow effects, and more? Check out this fun collection of funky toggle buttons by Ashley Nolan and get inspired!

Animating List Items

Subtle animations can help draw users’ attention to what is happening on the page and help avoid confusion. This tutorial shows an interesting approach to introducing new content by animating lists items.

Parallax Hero Image

In her article, Claudia Romano shares how to harness the power of CSS 3D Transforms to create a full width element with floating images distributed in a 3D space.

CSS Puns and Jokes

Need a brain break? Check out this hilarious collection of CSS puns and jokes inspired by Reddit and DesignerNews discussions. If you have your favorite coding joke, you’re more than welcome to share. We’d love to laugh with you!


Web Design Mix

10 Commandments of Typography

This is an amazing list of typography rules and tips to help you improve your graphic design skills.

Poor Interfaces and Zombies

Zombies aren’t known for their communication, interaction, or social skills. Markus Pirker takes a humorous look at how much poorly designed user interfaces have in common with zombies. Save your users’ brain cells and follow these few pieces of advice.

An Exploration in Material Design

Arthur Bodolec pulls the curtain back on the redesign of the Feedly app utilizing Material Design principles.

Web Design in Japan

If you have ever spent much time looking at Japanese (or Chinese for that matter) sites, you might wonder why the culture known for zen and meditation gardens doesn’t use those same principles in their digital designs. This article takes a look at why Japanese-language sites utilize designs that combine too tight text, way too many columns, and too many flashing banners for our taste, but perfect for theirs.

25 Years of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop turned 25! To get your creative juices flowing, check out this nice compilation of Photoshop fun facts and the inspiring video created to celebrate this big anniversary.



Free UI Kits

Whether you are looking for inspiration or you just want to explore some new ideas, this collection of free user interfaces from the folks over at DesignerDepot have flat, pseudo-flat, and retina ready UI kits and more.

20 Wood Backgrounds

Would you like free, high-quality wood backgrounds and textures for your designs? Then grab these high resolution textures for your print or digital designs.

Interaction Design Best Practices E-Book

This free e-book by UXpin breaks down how to influence the behavior and decisions of users through alluring interactions. Mastering the Intangibles includes over 20 case studies from companies as varied as Apple and Netflix.

Free Photoshop Plugins

Everyone is always looking for ways to make their work easier. These 12 free Photoshop extensions will help you automate tedious and repetitive tasks so you can focus on your design.


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