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A Reviw of the top 5 Shopify product and inventory apps


Creating an online store is an overly commercialized and complicated topic. Launching a successful website is just one step on the way to a prosperous business. Receipt, registration, sales, storage ofproducts, and inventory are essential processes to keep things running smoothly.

Inventory management is the most vital element of operational and tactical management for all commercial enterprises. The process includes warehouse optimization in terms of controlling goods and restoring issues. Poor inventory management and product customization in supply chains lead to lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, and frozen funds.

If you are a happy owner of a Shopify store, the platform offers a wide variety of Shopify inventory management apps for your convenience. With Shopify app inventory management and Shopify personalized recommendations, you can increase the efficiency of your business. Are you excited to learn more about the top apps for personalized product recommendations and inventory management? Let’s get going.

Review of the Top 5 Shopify Apps for Products and Inventory


Manage inventory with the Stocky Shopify app

Stocky is a perfect tool to keep track of inventory processes. You will get an accurate calculation of the quantity of goods, without any shortage or surplus. The application will be helpful to visualize what products to request and what products are selling out. There is no need to maintain complicated systems anymore: Stocky is an excellent solution.

Essential features:

  • The ultimate tool to manage orders
  • Efficient functions for communication with suppliers
  • Statistics for sales rates
  • A barcode scanner allows you to see the product’s location hassle-free
  • Easy product transfer within the Shopify system
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Learn more about the Stocky app and its benefits.

Price: Free. Additional fees depend on your plan.


Sellbrite - a Shopify inventory app that has been installed moost often

Sellbrite is one of the most used Shopify inventory apps. Lack of inventory control can lead to overstocking in the warehouse. Not enough inventory might mean lost sales and lost profit. You will never run across these issues with Sellbrite. The tool is simple to work with and integrates with giants like eBay, Amazon, and more.

Essential features:

  • You can connect a Sellbrite account with numerous marketplaces and sell everywhere
  • Quick inventory syncing
  • Order fulfillment from a single admin
  • Tracking information is generated and set to the place of order
  • You can create pre-styled templates for your listings

Learn more about how to get started with Sellbrite.

Price: 30-day free trial. A free package is available. Pro package starts from $19/month.

Product Options and Customizer

 Need a good Shopify app for importing products? Try Poroduct Options and Customizer

Everyone knows that a store cannot exist without products. The more carefully you import products and describe them, the easier it will be for your customers to make a purchase. Product Options and Customizer resolves these issues at once. You can add custom options and custom prices to an item with only a few clicks. Sell personalized products with ease.

Essential features:

  • Optimize and sync your product options across multiple item groups
  • Bulk actions will help you to add changes to a large number of products at once
  • Save time with pre-styled template product options
  • Get better performance and less unhappy clients
  • Outstanding support will cover any problems you might have

Explore more features of the Product Options and Customizer app.

Price: 14-day free trial. A free package is available. Pro package starts from $9.99/month.


Choose Qstomizer - one of the tope apps for custom products

Qstomizer is another example of an excellent Shopify app for custom products. The app is fully responsive, so it does not matter whether you use a mobile device or laptop. All the product elements are fully customizable. Play with colors, fonts, and wording to apply the necessary adjustments.

Essential features:

  • A live preview is available
  • The tool is fully editable using CSS rules
  • You can stop and save progress on the design at any time
  • Apply filters by various design criteria
  • A multi-language feature is available (12 languages)

Learn how to set up a customizable product with Qstomizer.

Price: 7-day free trial. Pro package starts from $9.99/month.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations is one of the best Shopify apps for related products

If you are looking for a Shopify-related products app, Personalized Recommendations is the one. This Shopify suggested products app is a perfect solution to upsell recommended products or recently viewed ones. Product recommendations work effectively for almost any eCommerce niche and increase your sales.

Essential features:

  • The widget increases conversion rates up to 20–30%
  • Set handpicked or manual recommendations
  • Users will be able to add frequently bought products with a click
  • Send email recommendations for the products
  • Display featured and top-selling items

Learn more about the features of the Personalized Recommendations app.

Price: 7-day free trial. A free package is available. Pro packages start from $149/month, depending on your store’s monthly sales.


Running a successful online business is a challenging process, but Shopify users have all the benefits to simplify their lives. Hopefully, our list of the best Shopify apps for product customization and inventory is useful for your project. Pick up the best solution for you to significantly increase your company’s efficiency and profitability.

Best Shopify Apps for Products and Inventory FAQ

Does Shopify do inventory tracking?

Shopify does offer inventory tracking for your store. You can set up and adjust inventory right from the admin. Moreover, you can take advantage of numerous inventory management Shopify apps that will help you increase your business’s efficiency.

How do I upload inventory to Shopify?

You should open Shopify admin and navigate to Products > All products. After that, click Import and choose the file in the Import products by CSV file window. Click the Open and Upload file.

How do I update my inventory on Shopify?

You should open the Shopify admin and navigate to Products > Inventory. Under Update quantity, change the inventory count. The new total will be displayed under Quantity. Do not forget to click Save.

Can Shopify generate barcodes?

Shopify offers a wide variety of barcode apps with numerous functions to monitor your stock issues. Among the most popular ones are Retail Barcode Labels, Quick Scan, and SKU Print.

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