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Collection of Inspirational Articles

It’s Friday and we’re excited to present this week’s inspirational compilation. Have a fun weekend! Happy Halloween! Boo! 🙂

Responsive Web Design Tools and Services


Great selection of tools that provide the users with best productivity while making the site perfectly readable and easier to navigate through.

How To Design a Print Ready Die-Cut Business Card


Make the simplest things look outstanding. A great inspirational tutorial! You might even want to re-design your business cards or make a brand new set.

“Should I Be a Designer?”


Is your passion and your interest in design enough for you to choose it as your career? Does passion directly influence our ability to do the jobs required of us? Read this article to find out! 🙂

The Ultimate Design Brief


Do not get to the point when a client tells you that your design is not quite right, or refuses to pay. Learn hot to formalize a briefing procedure to avoid this. You can find some useful tips for that in this article.

Developers Magic Kit – HTML5 Cheat Sheets & eBooks


If you want to be able to code HTML5 properly, you can learn it from books or you can learn it from reference sheets. In this post you’ll find both, the best part is they’re all free!

The Role Of Design In The Kingdom Of Content


Learn about three opportunities to drive a user experience that is in harmony with the content: laying the foundation of a good impression, enabling smooth and meaningful consumption, and encouraging engagement with the content.

Do’s and don’ts of call to action pages


A great compilation of good call to action pages (including landing pages and sales pages) as an important part of any website that either sells or asks visitors to sign up for something.

50 Graphic tributes to Steve Jobs


A great collection of tributes to Steve Jobs’ legacy have been posted in this article. You will find fifty designs, all inspired by the life of Jobs and the impact he had on the world.

31 Profound Typography-Based Website Layouts


Typography stands out among the rest of the genres in modern web design. Check out these typocraphy-based awesome websites. Enjoy!

25 jQuery Plugins to help with Responsive Layouts


A responsive layout allows you to offer a specific and optimized screen size based on whatever device (mobile, tablet, etc.) the visitor uses. This post comes in useful, by highlighting 25 jQuery plugins that will help you optimise and resize tricky web elements: navigation, forms, images, sliders, carousels.

20 Inspiring Navigation Menus


Navigation is certainly a very important part of web design and an important aspect to think about while designing a page. This article is featuring a few examples of navigation menus. From clean and simple typography based menus to colorful and fixed positioned ones, there are a lot of examples to inspire you.

How to Design a Mobile Responsive Website


If you are thinking about convincing your client to have their new site designed and developed in a responsive way, first you should consider if it really is the right solution for them, then you’ll need to be able to persuade them of the benefits and communicate that it will add more time to the project. Check out some useful tips for designing a responsive website.

Top Minimalist Website Designs: Trends and Examples


Enjoy a great compilation of minimalist website designs. You may find find your inspiration in this minimalist works of art.

Creative CSS3 Animation Menus


This tutorial shows you some creative menu hover effects. The idea is to have a simple composition of elements, an icon, a main title and a secondary title, that will be animated on hover using only CSS transitions and animations. Explore some different effects for the elements.

40 Addictive Web Games Powered by HTML5


To describe the true gaming potential of HTML5, this post shows you 40 interesting and addictive web games including Angry Birds, and they’re all powered by HTML5!

Create a Typography Based Blog Design in Photoshop

Hope this compilation comes in handy when you’re experiencing a slight inspirational drought. Leave comments! 🙂

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