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We’re all excited about the recent Apple iOS 8 and iPhone 6 release announcements, like everyone else. As expected, Apple introduced 4.7- and 5.5-inch devices and Safari 8.

What’s new?

Since the release of the first iPhone, Apple has been sticking to the 320 px screen width, and this has been a mobile resolution standard for many years. Now, the iPhone 6 will give you a 375 px viewport width. On the iPhone 6 Plus you get a 414 px width with a new pixel ratio of 2.6 (read more at

What does this mean?

The new generation of iPhones allows you to see more of a web page’s content than the older versions did. Moreover, websites optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus will look even more readable and beautiful.

Safari 8 also comes with a lot of new HTML5 features. You can check them out here:

What’s next?

If you want your responsive site to look stunning on all popular devices, please keep in mind these new screen resolutions when sending us your designs. This will help us optimize the markup for you.

We’ve already tested dozens of sites on iOS 8 and we can say with confidence that our code works flawlessly on this operating system as well. You can rest assured that all the markup we deliver will be correctly displayed on the newest Apple smartphones.

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