Awesome Improvements in Responsive Email Templates From PSD2HTML

Awesome Improvements in Responsive Email Templates from PSD2HTML

We know you are always looking for the best and most creative ways to reach your audience with email. That’s why PSD2HTML is always looking for ways to improve email templates and the underlying code.

Our goal is to provide you with fresh and modern products that are supported by all the most popular e-mail clients, mail services, and mobile applications.

Our email dev team has been working on the challenge of bringing more creativity to arranging content within the constraints of mobile device displays. We’ve looked at the problem and developed solutions we know you’ll love.

As a result, we can offer you some pretty awesome new options for arranging and displaying content in responsive templates all without any hard-coding.

Just see for yourself!

Typical Desktop Version of Email Template

Text and art is arranged side by side in columns. Manipulate the columns and you manipulate the content arrangement.

This is a common desktop design of an email template




Conventional Arrangement on the Mobile Version

With the standard responsive template layout, the columns are arranged so that they are one on top of the other.

You probably have an email on your phone with this arrangement right now



Previously, when you tried to rearrange the elements in a non-conventional way you lost consistency and increased the amount of code. Elements had to be duplicated and then hidden just so they would display on the mobile version. That’s not a real solution because services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor don’t allow the use of hidden elements.

New Arrangement Options for Mobile Versions

With our new coding strategy, elements can be arranged in any sequence. Just look at these options:

Any sequence of elements




Two columns close together




img-m-08 img-m-11


Complicated designs with many elements


Not only do you get more choices for creativity, there are technical advantages too!

  • Removing hidden items makes editing much easier.
  • Less code is used which decreases the total size of the email template.
  • Unconventional arrangements can now be used in MailChimp or Campaign Monitor because of our new options in coding.

PSD2HTML can review your email design and code it in just one business day. We are experts in HTML coding for responsive designs. We’ve invested over 1,000 man-hours developing our method of coding.

Ordering your email template is easy. Just click to get started. You’ll get great service, clean code, and a pixel-perfect template that you can use with MailChimp or any other mail service.


About the Author: Dmitriy Romasko is the Team Lead and trainer for the HTML Email department at PSD2HTML. He is a big fan of newsletter template coding. Dmitriy has over seven years of experience, and he is passionate about responsive email solutions, web design, and online marketing.

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