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The Best of August 2015: News, Tutorials, and Freebies

It’s been a long summer. There’s been some exciting industry-related developments and some fabulous design tutorial and freebie releases. We’ve been trawling the net to find the best new stories, educational material, and free stuff to tempt you. Enjoy!



The “M” Is for Marshmallow

Google announced that the new version of Android is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Along with the final Developer Preview update, Google introduced the official Android 6.0 SDK. Learn more about its features here.

Happy 20th Birthday, Internet Explorer! Yours, Microsoft Edge.

That’s right—this August, Internet Explorer turned 20. Can you believe it? Its successor, Microsoft Edge, is getting more fans, so you should make sure your site is ready for this new browser. The PSD2HTML team is proud to announce that our markup is compatible with Microsoft Edge.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha

Bootstrap 4.0 will soon be with us, and the update looks set to offer some great new features. It’s now moved from Less to Sass, offers a better grid system (which is suitable for mobile devices) and there are plenty more customization options too. Here’s a fun retrospective on just how far Bootstrap has come over the years, plus some extra information.



Animated SVG Slider

It’s great to see website designers innovating and raising the bar. Codyhouse.co explains how to create an amazing hero slider by using SVG. You can check it out.

What Is Flexbox?

Flexbox has been taking designers by storm, thanks to its CSS layout mechanism and amazing array of features. If you’d like to get to grips with it, here’s a really useful guide, courtesy of Smashing Magazine and a helpful 20 minute video course by Wes Bos.

CSS-only Dropdowns

Tutorialzine prepared a simple tutorial on creating CSS-only dropdowns. You will love their hack—read all about it here!

Circular Navigation with CSS Clip Paths

This handy detailed tutorial comes from Sara Soueidan, and details how you can create a beautiful circular navigation using the CSS clip-path property.

Liquid Progress Bar

Why settle for an average progress bar when you could have a fancy one created in pure CSS? Here’s an awesome Codepen demo you can play around with and get inspired.



Interaction Design Mistakes

Interaction design has never been easy, and the introduction of new technologies (not to mention growing audience expectations) tends to make designers’ lives more difficult. Make sure to check out this round-up of the most common interaction design mistakes and tips on avoiding them.

Tinder for Font Pairing

Ever wondered which fonts are a match made in heaven and which combinations are a recipe for disaster? This fun site enables you to test random font combinations and vote on which ones you hate and which ones you love.

Responsive Upscaling in Ecommerce Design

Responsive design is gradually becoming more popular on eCommerce sites, but most people tend to focus on downsizing for mobile screens, rather than upscaling for ultra-modern large-screen desktops. Here’s all you need to know about successful upscaling, from the Baymard Institute.

Creating a Responsive Screen Mockup

Smart Objects is one of the finest features in Photoshop, and is especially ideal for creating responsive mock-ups. You can find out more by reading this great tutorial from Tuts+.

Cutting Things out in Photoshop

Clipping things out of Photoshop is a common task that designers need to master. This video, created by Chris Spooner, shows what tools you can use as well as some great techniques for cutting fur and hair.



Bino Landing Page Template

If you like your landing pages to be sleek, straightforward and stylish, check out this template available in PSD.

Free Sketch App UI Kits

If you’re a fan of Sketch, you’ll really appreciate these free UI kits handpicked by Daniel Schwarz. Also, check out this free Food & Drink UI Kit, which is available in PSD and Sketch, is ideal for sophisticated eateries and foodie fans alike.

Parabola Font

If you’re looking for some fresh handwritten fonts, check out Parabola, a stylish brush style font created by Marcelo Reis Melo.

Free Photoshop Actions

Nobody likes wasting their time doing boring, repetitious tasks in Photoshop. Fortunately, this great round-up leads you straight to 50 of the finest Photoshop actions out there, and best of all, they’re free!


That’s it! We hope you enjoyed August’s round-up and took advantage of some of these free design goodies. If you think we missed something super-important or you want to leave a comment, just get in touch! You can keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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