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Articles Worth Reading

It’s Friday and this means you get a compilation of the articles we found interesting this week, and we hope you will too!

70 New And Interesting Fonts For Your Design Projects


It’s important to stay updated on the new design resources and trends. Check out this showcase of impressive fonts for your design projects, which will help you stay up-to-date.

Beautiful Business Cards from Creattica


Business card is an important representation of your business. When you hand out one, you hand out the first impression along with it. Check out this showcase of beautiful business cards.

Mind Mapping: Scheme to Improve the Creativity Process


Great article that introduces the reader to the concept of mind-mapping, as well as provides a great description, along with instructions on how to build a mind map.

10 New Twitter Tools to Boost your Productivity


Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today. It is extremely easy to get sucked in an not get anything done. This article provides ways of how you can use twitter and be productive. Check out these twitter tools that can boost your productivity.

How to Use Your iPad for Real Design Work


Great article that shows how iPad can be more than a fun toy, but also a business tool for designers.

Usability Testing With Card Sorting


This resource provides detailed description of card-sorting as well as its types and tools. It doesn’t only provide you with general information, but also gives reasons to use card-sorting.

30 Portfolios to Inspire You


Portfolios are a great way to represent yourself and your work. Here are 30 beautiful portfolios for your inspiration.

10 Google Labs Experiments You Should Know


Google is always coming up with new applications. This article presents a very interesting and informative list of experimental applications brewing in Google Labs.

26 Minimalist Ads That Inspire


If you’re planning to create a successful ad, you don’t need to necessarily use lots of words, graffics, and coloring. Minimalist ads are in these days. This brilliant showcase serves as proof.

If you feel like sharing articles that you found impressive and/or interesting, you’re definitely welcome to!

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