5 Good and Bad Logo Redesigns

There are many reasons that explain why a company would redesign its logo. Some reasons are compulsory, such as when there’s a corporate merger or when a company expands its business activities. In such cases, a new logo is a must to reflect that change.  On the other hand, a logo redesign may be voluntary, like when a company feels the need to refresh, rebrand or reposition its image; or maybe if they seek to appeal to new kinds of customers.

A logo has a mission –  an important one – which is to help a company build their business identity, image and brand.  Therefore, a good logo should communicate. Indeed, it has to “tell” the target market at a glance what the company wants them to know or feel.

For these reasons, redesigning a logo isn’t as easy as it may seem.  As we’ll see, newer isn’t always better!

5 Good Logo Redesigns

KFC: Good and Bad Logos (from Right to Left)  


This is undoubtedly an example of an excellent logo redesign. The face of late Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders is more rejuvenated, welcoming and friendly than in the old logo. Moreover, showing him wearing an apron communicates the readiness to serve and cook. This readiness, action and energy are reinforced with the asymmetric frame border.

Additionally, the colors are updated and more emphasis is put on KFC name, bolder and bigger in the new logo.

AT&T: The Controversial New Logo


AT&T launched their new logo this April under its rebranding “Rethink Possible” campaign. Their new logo has created lots of controversy. While some designers are very fond of it, others seem to prefer the old logo, particularly its capital font letters.

I personally favor the new logo! It is lively, futuristic and has movement. The old one is more static and the typeface is too prominent in comparison to the circle shape on the left. In the new logo the size of the sphere and the font size seem in better proportion.

UPS: The New Logo Looks Better and More Modern


UPS’ new logo, launched in 2003, is without any doubt far better than their old logo. It is bolder and more contemporary and the colors emphasize their tagline, which is “What can Brown do for you?”

Yellow Pages: The Striking Difference Between Good and Bad Logos


The new Yellow Pages logo launched this year is fresher and more relevant than the previous one. The walking fingers are in a memorable yellow oval shape and the word yellow is in bold. It is a great design to reinforce the image and identity of an already powerful brand.

Caribou: The New Logo Is Bigger and Bolder


Caribou’s new logo is a great change. The name of the brand is bigger, more legible and the logo overall is much more contemporary.  The addition of the subtle coffee bean in the new graphic is far more significant than the deer in the old one.

5 Bad Logo Redesigns

Best Buy: Good and Bad Logo Redesigns (From Left to Right) 


Best Buy’s old logo was instantly recognizable for it’s price tag shape and bold color.  The logo was more exciting and was an enticement to buy. The new logo is dull in both colors and shape.

Kraft: Why on Earth Did They Add That Flower?


The Kraft redesign is a disaster.  The old logo might be old fashioned, however it is far more powerful as compared with the new one. And I still can’t figure out what on earth the flower is doing here in the new logo!

MasterCard: Good and Bad Logos Vaguely Distinguishable


While the new MasterCard logo seems that it has more movement, I still can’t find a meaningful explanation for its branding purpose. The old logo, like the Kraft logo above, is iconic in a good way. Any thoughts from any of you on why they might have gone in this direction will be most welcomed, because I’m really confused!

Walmart: Which Logo Looks More Recognizable to You?


While the new Walmart logo has fresher colors and a more contemporary look, the old logo is undoubtedly more recognizable and emphatic than the new one.

Animal Planet: The Final Comparison of Good and Bad Logo Redesigns 


The Animal Planet logo is another example of bad logo redesign. While the former logo was communicative and meaningful, the new logo is nearly illegible and inexpressive of what the brand stands for.

Do you have favorite logo redesigns in mind – the good, bad and ugly? Who has totally hit the mark and who’s missed? Please leave us your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Stownard Aug 19, 2010

    This is definately some good comparisons, and I have to agree with just about every one of them.

    It’s important to make a logo that is working for the future, and the present. Sometimes I guess people forget their old roots, and some take a completely new direction.

    I believe that logo design isn’t any easier today, in fact – It must be even harder, with this huge market of fancy logos. Some simple, some advanced, some clever and some genuinely creative. Where will you stand? ; – )

  2. Anca Aug 19, 2010

    I really like the new logo for YellowPages. On the other hand, Animal Planet logo is on the top of the list (as a bad logo of course).

  3. Ana Aug 19, 2010

    I totally agree with you but for the Walmart logo. I think the new one is fresh and youthful, the old one is to hard and inanimated.

    However, I agree on the iconic aspect of the old one, that is out of discussion!


  4. Anton L. Aug 23, 2010

    I do not like KFC new logo design. it is simply a curve. it is not even fiction and not the idea. seems like it came to us from 70’s. simply drawn again – same thing. this last logo evokes a feeling of instability! do you see that logo falls? once i saw, i felt that the logo falls. and the letters are tilted heavily toward the fall of the package – a complete nonsense. only enhances the effect of falling. hideous redesign. how it will look on a huge poster on the building? Here is the answer – like a big incident packet that is falling. where are the visible concept of “stability” and “quality of products”? you all heard that if P2H said “its cool!” and you all repeat – open your eyes.

    and Animal Planet logo is really fresh and cool. don’t you see that those dancing letters symbolize the diversity of the whole animal world? do you know what is “visual association of the second level”? that is when you see a picture and only after some time and after some logical thinking one sees the connection between the name “animal planet” and those crazy letters. its obvious, but i see that you even didn’t try to think. such logotypes that use associations of the second and third level always stay in memories.
    and you say that their logo is bad. so they had to ask to draw a dog and a cat? that would be great, ha? and what do you think about Euronews logo? i think you won’t like it too? =8-)

  5. Scott Jacobs Oct 28, 2010

    I definitely agree with most of the comments. I would like to add that the new AT&T logo, while the world icon has been refined, the typography is less than worthy of the brand. The old, bold type is iconic and better reflects the behemoth that is AT&T. Also, regarding the UPS logo… if I’m not crazy, Paul Rand, after designing the last logo always wanted to refine it because the “p” was always wrong to him. And, to me as well. It’s the only 2 weight gothic- the “u” and the “s” are one weight. But the reality is, he hit it with the icon. While the new symbol with type integration is good, it lacks something very important. A concept. If it’s a shield, then pay it off with a positioning line that supports the core brand concept. I think that great ideas/logos shouldn’t be tossed out when a new CEO takes over a company. A brilliant logo was thrown to the side by something more refined, more glitzy, and definitely, more glamorous. But the fact it it lacks depth, conceptual merit, and a proud nod to its heritage. Mastercard is a disaster. Not because it’s bad. But because someone had the audacity to actually change it. The other logo is totally iconic, and recognized worldwide. Why would anyone, especially Mastercard now want to spend millions on promotion showing a new design for no real, good reason. A futile exercise in corporate nonsense, if you ask me. If anything, if Mastercard wanted to refine the Mastercard type, then so be it. But to completely abandon that global icon representing “credit card” is well, no credit deserved. And lastly, the redesign for Animal Planet, is absolutely silly. The “M” looks just like a weird “3”. It does in no way say, animal planet… at least easily. Caio! 8:)

  6. Jolly Nov 07, 2010

    This really helps with coursework. But i agree with all to put my input in.
    Favourite; Ups
    Worst; Mastercard
    Ugliest; Animal Planet

  7. Ringo Nov 12, 2010

    I much prefer the old Yellow Pages logo. Talk about iconic! Also, the famous “walking fingers” are totally unrecognizable in the new logo. If you didn’t know what to look for, you might see anything from a fireman’s helmet to an elephant with a bent tusk!

  8. Granet Dec 02, 2010

    Way off base on the good and bad calls on these. KFC, Yellow Pages and AT&T are all poor. What is that thing in the new Yellow Pages ‘blob’? A hair dryer, a barking catfish? Without the pages it loses it’s reference. KFC, an old trying too hard to be hip, what’s the Colonel going to do next, start twittering? AT&T, pretty ball, ooh it’s 3d, don’t know the brand but that’s a pretty ball!

    Others are harder to judge; UPS, they suck so bad they could have a nude picture of Pamela Anderson and I still wouldn’t like their logo. Caribou, better font, overly stylized graphic.

  9. David Feb 15, 2011

    New Caribou is Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, and love the coffee bean integrated. Current, stylish, simple, effective, it makes me smile.

    Yellow Pages old logo is so much better! It might be improved with a more current look, but the concept behind it is superb with the walking fingers, and book at the bottom. The yellow blob reminds me of a pill.

    I agree with Ana on the Walmart one. Predominantly in the context of their complete re-branding per se. They’re trying to become more current and less “trashy,” at least my local ones anyway. The new logo communicates that youthfulness, and a little more style. The old logo had a more dominant impact, but it’s plain nature and connotations connected to its old brand emphasis the cheap poor quality products. Their re-branding overhaul in my opinion helps a ton!

  10. Sarah Mar 22, 2011

    The redesigned animal planet logo is awesome! It’s a big improvement from the last one which was busy, typical and out dated., not to mention dull. The new logo is sharp, crisp and a little “wild.” A perfect fit conceptually, even if it doesn’t abide to all typographic rules.

  11. elaine myers Oct 05, 2011

    im currently at college and have to do research on logos, best and worst, i came across the new myspace logo its black and white spelling “my” then the space symbol that looks like on your mobile, wasn’t impressed its boring and dull what were they thinking.

  12. Dinesh Oct 30, 2011

    Your design is pretty good.

  13. admin Nov 01, 2011

    Thank you!

  14. Eli Nov 11, 2011

    The Old Ups Logo was fresh and Nostalgic!

  15. Lorette Milosevic Dec 05, 2011

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  26. Jordan Gonzalez Jun 11, 2015

    It so happens that i came across this page, trying to find inspiration for my senior thesis class. I am a graphic design student. I strongly disagree with one of the logo redesigns that you felt was bad, the Walmart logo. Yes the older logo is more iconic and recognizable, as every older logo would be. I know it is your opinion, but in my opinion I feel the newer logo is fresh, interesting and delivers more of an impact with its colors and shape. I also like how the designer went a different route and made the star a little more unique. Lastly I do not like the older logo because of its aggressiveness in being all caps. Walmart is a retail corporation. The older logo looks like it represents something that relates to weapons and for the army.

  27. PSD2HTML Team Jun 16, 2015

    Hi Jordan, thanks for your comment! You know, when I look at it now, I think the new Walmart logo was just a little bit ahead of the time for 2011 when the post was written. It looks very trendy in 2015, inline with all the simplicity, flatness and minimalism craze 🙂

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