5 Advantages of Magento 2

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Magento has become one of the most popular solutions for online stores, and the reason for this is that you can make a full-featured website with minimal effort from its basic format. Several extensions which are available “out-of-the-box” have made this solution attractive for business. However, today, a new version of Magento is available and many people want to find out what the new product offers and how to implement their own solutions based on the platform. This article is to convey new advanced possibilities for building an efficient platform for your business strategies.

What Has Changed in Magento 2?

  • Improved performance

It is already estimated that the new Magento runs 20% faster than its predecessor. This makes the websites created with it more optimized for sales, as well as for search engines. This result was made possible by the full caching of the pages. It has significantly increased the speed of downloading pages of the site, which, of course, will affect sales positively. Users are much more active in shopping on sites with a high response rate. Also, Magento 2 improved its indexers and now requires the latest Mysql version 5.6 for extra speedy query processing, which made it possible to provide better scalability in addition to performance.

  • Many extensions

Since the first release, Magento has been characterized by a significant number of useful extensions. Today many website owners are wondering: why change existing websites if extensions for Magento 1.9 are enough to make them work? Perhaps, in some cases, they might be enough for a while. However, if we talk about the long-term perspective, you should not neglect the opportunities offered by the newest extensions for business development and the conquest of new markets. These features give you more advantages compared to the previous versions and allow you implementing more ideas into the product.

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  • Faster checkout

The process of making a purchase is simplified with Magento 2. Completing a purchase now requires significantly fewer steps and less information from the user, which cannot do anything but please customers. This solution has reduced the number of abandoned carts, as well as enabled a fine-tuned process of making a purchase. In addition to speed and customization, the close integration with payment services, such as PayPal and Braintree, is also another advantage of Magento 2.

  • Updated admin panel

The inconveniences of managing websites are very familiar to many Magento administrators. In the new version of this platform, site management is much more simplified and allows you to customize the admin panel for each user. Also, the novelty allows you to add goods four times faster than before, and the ability to use a convenient drag and drop mechanism for changing the layout. Moreover, it is now more applicable for inexperienced users as it provides improved navigation.


  • Space for innovations

The new Magento has fully adopted HTML5, which is a huge upgrade for the platform. It requires JavaScript now, although the first edition used the prototypical JavaScript only, and allowed working with CSS3. What is also notable is that version 2.2 utilizes PHP 7, which introduces huge opportunities for implementing innovations to your eCommerce solutions. For many site owners, the ability to offer users something new is a strong competitive advantage, which means it allows them to gain a larger market share. In our opinion, such flexibility is an indisputable “must have” and an eye toward the future.


The P2H team has worked on Magento development for many years now. We started from the very first version of Magento. Now we have developed themes for versions 1.9, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 and completed existing projects on Magento 2.0 (over 100+ successful projects). Because of this hard work, we can draw some definite conclusions about the version. Here’s what we can tell you: this platform is really good because it makes your solutions flexible and efficient. It opens up new opportunities for you to develop your business and introduce innovations. As we learn all the intricacies, including all of the advantages and disadvantages of each version we will advise you on the best solution.

If you have any questions or ideas, do not hesitate to chat with us. Our team of experts in Magento development is ready to provide you with top-notch upgrade services. We will consider all the options for incorporating Magento 2.0 with your site in order to help make your eCommerce store unique. Allow us to explore the hidden treasures of Magento 2.0 for your business.

In the posts that follow we will talk more about our approach to the development of Magento themes. Stay tuned!

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