4 Newest Shopify Apps to Facilitate Working With Social Media

New Shopify apps for working with social media

With over 3.5 billion people regularly using various social media channels, ignoring these marketing tools is nothing short of a crime against your own business. Social media makes your brand more recognizable, lets you engage with your customers, improves your website’s traffic, helps you grow your sales, allows you to collect information about your customers for more fine-tuned marketing campaigns, and provides you with other invaluable benefits.

E-commerce websites need promotion through social media too. The owners of Shopify online stores are lucky in this respect since the Shopify App Store (SAS) provides numerous plugins that make working with social media a breeze. In this post, we’re going to review the freshest apps in the SAS “Marketing” category that you can try out.



Post Studio – Auto Posting


This free app is a huge time-saver for all who need to regularly post products and offers to their Twitter and Facebook feeds, normally every day. Connecting the corresponding social media accounts and setting everything up is as easy as ABC.

The app’s developer has provided the option of seeing a real-life preview of the added posts before you actually launch a series of auto-posts. This feature ensures that your offers look exactly the way you’ve planned it.

You can also take advantage of the scheduling options. Choose the times throughout the day when you want random posts to go live, and they will be posted automatically according to your settings.

Another great feature worth mentioning is the templating option. Write a standard text for a range of your products and sprinkle it with some variables like the physical characteristics, price, or shipment terms. Those variables will then receive specific values before a post is published. So many keyboard strokes spared!

At the moment of writing this article, Post Studio – Auto Posting has 137 reviews with an overall rating of 5.0. Obviously, users are satisfied with the app’s performance.


Pins on Shop: Pinterest Plugin


If you have a Pinterest account, this app will enable you to add pins to your Shopify store pages without changing any code. The Pinterest application and the store pages will be synchronized: the customers will see a new pin on the website page of your choice immediately after you’ve saved that pin. This greatly improves your customer engagement rate.

The Pins on Shop allows you to rank your boards and the pins they contain according to their importance for your business. You can add either shoppable or non-shoppable pins. Just define your preferred pages in the Settings and choose the desired style. You can see a sample Shopify store with some pins included via Pins on Shop in this video.

The app’s vendor offers a 7-day free trial. If you find the app useful, keep it for $2.49/month. The Pins on Shop has no reviews at the moment of writing the post. So, you can be the first to leave feedback — hopefully, positive!




With this app, you can get engaging, ready-to-publish Instagram stories in a matter of minutes. Just follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be all set to share an enticing story with your customers:

  1. Give the specifics: format, title, what type of story you need.
  2. Adjust the elements of the future story: colors, fonts, templates, etc.
  3. Finalize your story and download it by using InstaStories itself or email. Voila! The story is ready to go live on Instagram.

The app pulls the images you specified from your online store immediately. No need to tweak the code or copy and paste the photos.

The vendor provides several payment plans, from free (3 stories/month, 4 ready-to-use templates, and any number of downloads) to unlimited for $24.99/month (any number of stories every month, all ready-to-use templates, and any number of story downloads).


WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery


This is a three-in-one app. Firstly, it allows you to boost your sales by giving your customers the option to chat with you via their WhatsApp application. You can choose among over 15 WhatsApp Live Chat Button designs, customize the Chat Button CTA, display the button everywhere/only on the mobile version/only on the desktop version, and take advantage of the chat button analytics.

Secondly, it helps you cater to those of your visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart for some reason. You can send them abandoned cart recovery messages via WhatsApp (using automatic message templates and promo codes), encouraging them to complete their purchases.

Thirdly, the CRM provided by the vendor can serve as an excellent communication channel with your customers. It can be used for WhatsApp marketing. You can also ask for reviews and upsell your products via this option.

With the WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery app, your potential customers can easily get in touch with you via WhatsApp to find out if you have a specific item if they failed to find it in the store themselves. Thus, you won’t lose money. The app also allows you to talk to your customers even after they close your online store.

Half a minute — this is how long on average you need to set up the app, as it comes with all the bells and whistles: templates, CTA buttons, and other necessities.

The vendor provides four payment plans: Free, Plus ($6.99/month), Prime ($14.99/month), and Automated ($19.99/month). They differ in the number of options and scope. The paid plans have a 7-day trial period.

While still quite new, the app has been warmly received by the Shopify community. At the moment of writing this post, It already boasts 263 positive reviews out of 273 with an overall rating of 5.0.


Before being listed in the SAS, every Shopify app goes through a rigorous checking procedure. It’s tested for security, merchant risk, data and user privacy, functionality, quality, and other crucial aspects. So, when you install any of the new apps we’ve described above, you can be confident that it will not harm your online store in any way.

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