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2015 Rewind and Review

2015 rewind

2015 was a thrilling year. We were so busy exploring the newest web development techniques, learning the fanciest CSS tricks, and converting PSD and Sketch design files to HTML5 that we don’t know where the year went. It’s time to hit the pause button, catch our breath, and review what we learned, enjoyed, and celebrated in 2015.

The Hottest Web Design Trends

Immersive interactive design techniques were highly popular in 2015. Fresh techniques to keep the user engaged were all the rage.

Google announced Material Design in 2014, but 2015 was the year we started getting bold, graphic, and intentional with design.

2015 was also the year we learned how to play our cards right to create responsive designs that are perfect for social media. The card design trend was hot in 2015 and we think it will be scorching in 2016.

The Biggest Milestones


In February, Photoshop celebrated 25 years of changing how we design and how we see the world. We celebrated 10 years of converting your stunning Photoshop designs into pixel perfect HTML.

YouTube also turned 10. That’s 10 years of funny cat videos, epic fails, cute kids, and crazy wedding scenes. Happy Birthday YouTube, we couldn’t fritter away time without you.

The Most Awaited Releases

2015 will be remembered as the year of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but that wasn’t the only release we anticipated.

Microsoft released Windows 10 and saved the world from Windows 8. Windows 10 delivered on the promise of an improved user interface, better security, and included the new internet browser, Edge. It was a one-two punch to put Microsoft back on top.

Not to be outdone, Apple released its new OS X, El Capitan. El Capitan proves it is the boss with natural language search, faster graphics, and faster loading apps. PDF previews and opening mail were also turbocharged.

Android users and developers got a Marshmallow treat that had them asking for s’more. Extended battery life, permissions that are easily toggled on and off, and the ability to get assistance without navigating away are just a few of the delights included in Marshmallow.

The Most Serious Game Changers


CSS had everyone thinking outside of the “box” in 2015 with Flexbox. Flexbox offers an easier way to create fixed and scrolling elements that fit any device you can imagine (and even the ones you can’t).

Designers continued the move to Sketch in 2015. As a leader in the conversion industry, PSD2HTML began offering Sketch to HTML services to meet the growing demand.

Scalable vector graphics (SVGs) continued their rise in popularity. Between high definition screens and the popularity of mobile devices, responsive designs became a must have. Designers who can create and export SVGs had a definite advantage.

The Fanciest Tricks

Speaking of CSS, one of the cutest tricks of the year was converting boring toggles to awesome emojis. Why settle for dull when you can have emojis? All you need is a little CSS and the Unicode for emojis. Here’s how it’s done.

If you prefer slick to cute, check out this super slick zoom animation that activates a slider window using CSS and a little JavaScript. Just click the looking glass icon to see the effect.

Take a chance on Flexbox and learn the basics by building die faces in this step-by-step tutorial. Understanding the axes, defining space, and learning to nest is covered in this fun demonstration.

The Best Guides

Nothing is perfect. That’s why you need the guide on How to Undo Anything with Git. From undoing local and public changes to stopping tracking, if you’ve done it, it can probably be undone. Don’t you wish life had this feature?

SVG is awesome, but not every device works with SVG. This guide to SVG fallbacks helps you figure out what type of fallback you need and how to best implement it. Users of older desktops and mobile devices everywhere will thank you.

If you are serious about mastering dynamic design with Flexbox, then the Complete Guide to Flexbox is for you. It really is a complete guide, complete with a great list of resources.

The Funniest Puns

css puns

2015 wasn’t all work and no play. Saijo George put together the definitive collection of CSS puns. We dare you to read and not laugh out loud. Literally.

2015 was great. 2016 holds the promise of unlimited creativity. Whether it is powerful WordPress plugins, beautifully responsive email templates, increased use of engaging CSS animations, or whatever else 2016 brings, PSD2HTML will be there with you.

Got a favorite trend, guide, or trick we missed? Be sure to comment and let us know. Wishing you an awesome 2016!

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