10 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Shopify Developer

10 Things to consder before you hire a Shopify developer

When launching an e-commerce business, one of the most important decisions you must make is choosing the right e-commerce platform. These days, you have a wide choice of such systems. However, one solution has recently been gaining especially great popularity among entrepreneurs involved in online sales — Shopify.

Just a couple of facts:

  • According to a press release published late in 2019, Shopify is now powering over 1 million merchants worldwide.
  • From 2016 to 2018, the global economy received $183 billion through Shopify stores.

These numbers alone indicate the huge significance that this Canada-based platform has acquired for the e-commerce industry on the planetary scale.

The main features that attract online merchants to Shopify are relatively affordable pricing plans, flexibility, easy setup, smooth operation, out-of-the-box marketing tools, and no need to think about hosting (Shopify is a SaaS platform).


Building a basic Shopify store, though, is just the first tiny step on the tough e-commerce business terrain. If you’re planning on expanding your operations and growing your customer base, your site must stand out from the crowd. It should have an attractive look-and-feel, fast loading speed, and easy-to-navigate user interface.

This is something only experienced and skillful Shopify developers can provide. They know the inner workings of the system. If you want a specific feature to enhance the functional capabilities of your store, Shopify developers will implement it for you as well.

A Shopify developer will also make sure that your site looks perfect on any device where it’s rendered, seamlessly integrate social media accounts with your store, and advise you on the best technical solution to meet your business needs.

However, finding quality Shopify developers is not simple and quick despite numerous ads you see on the Internet. By hiring an amateur who’s just pretending to be a pro, you’re running a serious risk of killing your business through bugs and errors on your site.

How can you avoid this pitfall? We’ve prepared a list of the most stand-out signs to ensure you’re talking to the right person for the job.


10 signs of a worthy Shopify developer

#1: Their Website Looks Professional

We’ll begin by saying the obvious: the company or individual you’re thinking of hiring must have a professionally designed website. If it’s not, you might expect the same low-quality result with your own store.

The site must look unique, rather than resemble a collection of ready-made templates and random images. In addition, the site must include a portfolio of the previous works.

Finally, the developer’s site must list all of the Shopify services provided, along with starting rates and explanations if those are necessary.

#2: Their Offer Features Free Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

Clearly, nobody wants to make corrections for free. However, when a Shopify developer doesn’t include bug fixes or minor updates in their offer, it likely means they are not skilled or experienced enough to complete a project the right way on the first go.

For you, the client, minor updates are important since they allow you to have some small changes made to your project without paying a cent. Updates may have nothing to do with the quality of work. Sometimes, you may simply decide to have a different call-to-action phrase on a button.

Of course, there must be a limit. A round or two of minor updates are normal. However, not offering any minor updates at all is a clear sign that the developer wants to make you pay for every cosmetic change as if it were a completely new order.

#3: They Know the Shopify APIs Inside and Out

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are what help Shopify developers turn an ordinary website into a feature-rich e-commerce store.

There is a ton of Shopify APIs to address all kinds of business issues. For example, the Storefront API enables developers to customize purchasing experiences, while the Marketing Events API makes it possible to create various marketing events, for example, events that are triggered during email campaigns.

Without deep knowledge of these APIs and experience using them, a Shopify developer will not be able to give you the value you want. You have to do your homework here.

Visit the official API guides page and make some notes related to different Shopify APIs. There’s no need to get overly technical. Make a list of some of the APIs on the page and click their links to find out about their purposes.

Then, when you get in touch with a Shopify developer, ask them to talk about the APIs you’ve chosen. If you feel that the developer’s knowledge of the APIs is too shallow, continue your search elsewhere.

On the other hand, confidence in answers and explanations means that the developer is versed in the subject and you can trust them.

#4: They Provide a Money-Back Guarantee

Every business expects the best value for their money. If a Shopify developer provides a 100% money-back guarantee to a client unhappy with the end result, it means that they’re absolutely confident in their processes and skills.

So, look for this information on their site or ask them about it in person.

#5: They Guarantee a Support and Maintenance Service After the Project Goes Live

After-release support and mainenance services

This aspect of the Shopify development service clearly distinguishes “hit-and-run” freelancers from respectable companies. The latter don’t abandon their clients once their projects have been built and gone live.

An e-commerce site is a complex product that may experience all kinds of issues “out in the wild.” The developers who have built or customized your Shopify store know what can go wrong with it and how to solve various problems on the user-facing or database-facing ends.

So, search for this information on the developer’s site. Some companies may provide free support and maintenance services for a limited period of time. Others may charge a fee from day 0 after deployment. In any case, there must be a post-go-live service.

#6: They Have Experience Adapting Shopify Stores for Use on Mobile Devices

As the Statista research company predicts, the number of mobile users in the world will reach 7.33 billion by 2023. A sizable portion of these likes purchasing goods on mobile e-commerce websites.

While Shopify themes are responsive out of the box, there is a number of underwater currents to heed if you want your web store to be genuinely mobile-friendly. Read one of our previous posts on this topic, for example.

It’s crucial to find out what experience the developer has had with mobile devices. Ask them how they perform testing of the end product. What platforms and devices they use to guarantee the ideal mobile experience to their clients.

Keep in mind that virtual devices are not enough to give you the maximum value. You need your Shopify store to be run on physical devices as well since you can see how certain features work only on real smartphones or tablets.

Most freelancers and small development agencies lack sufficient resources to provide comprehensive testing like that. Therefore, a larger company is a wiser choice since it has the required number of testing devices to guarantee the widest coverage. For example, PSD2HTML performs testing on 12 physical devices. You’ll hardly find a freelancer who can match this.

#7: They Provide Transparent Communication without Delays

Transparent communication without delays

Clear communication is extremely important in the development of a Shopify web store. A misunderstanding between a developer and you may lead to additional expenses.

A Shopify development company worthy of its name has a dedicated Project Manager who can quickly and clearly answer all your questions related to both the business and technical sides of the project.

Write an email with your questions to the Shopify developer or get in touch with them through a sales chat. Watch how fast they can respond and whether their reply is detailed and to the point.

#8: They provide ASAP Services for Rush Projects

In a fast-paced, highly dynamic business environment, time is money, however hackneyed this expression may sound. You may have a rush project ‘you should have completed yesterday.’ This is what only a large Shopify development company can offer you since freelancers normally lack sufficient resources to handle tasks with extremely tough deadlines.

What’s even more important, a big Shopify development agency can deliver a finished project twice faster without a loss in quality. This is possible thanks to numerous previously implemented ASAP projects and perfectly adjusted, smooth workflow for these particular situations.

So ask the individual or firm if they have had any experience with ASAP projects to know where to seek help, should the need arise.

#9: They Deliver a Precise ETA Quickly and Can Start Working on a Project Within Days, Not Weeks


A large company with extensive experience in Shopify (e-commerce) development knows exactly what it takes to build a web store as they’ve done it hundreds or thousands of times. That means you can expect an ETA within 1 or 2 business days at most. This ETA will detail every single item you need to pay for with a precise fee.

This also means you can expect the team to begin implementing your project almost immediately after you give your approval. A large, worthy Shopify development company has a staff of professionals large enough to get the ball rolling just a few hours after the starting pistol shot.

By contrast, most small agencies or freelancers can’t give their clients ETAs so quickly due to a lack of experience or shortage of qualified staff. Besides, in many cases they can’t clearly explain why this or that feature takes a particular period of time to build. You would hardly want to play question-answer ping-pong with a developer for weeks, trying to understand when you can expect the work to begin and finish.

#10: They Let You Try Them Out on a Small Task First

Coming across “all-or-nothing” Shopify developers is not rare. You can only pay them for the entire work at once. However, buying a pig in a poke is a bad practice when it comes to e-commerce, especially if you’re a small business owner with every cent counting.

A larger Shopify development company offers you an opportunity to purchase the implementation of one small feature or fulfillment of a small request before striking a full-blown deal. This enables you to watch the team in action, get familiar with their workflow, see how quickly they respond to your queries and make sure that the quality is on par with what you expect.

This means the developer is not afraid of showcasing their skills and expertise, even on a small task, in an attempt to win a client’s trust.

Hiring a Shopify devloper: checklist


That being said, you don’t actually need to search for a Shopify development company. The PSD2HTML Shopify professionals possess all the right qualifications and qualities to deliver the best solutions in the industry.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee, a dedicated team of developers with a project manager to keep you updated on the status of your project at any time, and almost unlimited resources of 470+ developers to start working on a project of any complexity without a moment’s delay — we have all that and much more.

Your Shopify store will look immaculate and work fast on laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets, whatever browser your clients choose to access it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Challenge us!

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