10 Great Blogs for Design Inspiration

Inspiration can be found everywhere. However, most designers are busy people, so if you don’t have a lot of spare time to wait around for your muse, you can try browsing these ten blogs, all of which have gathered inspirational content from a variety of wonderful sources.

Share Some Candy

The sheer amount of colors, photos, and great content on this site is bound to give your brain a boost. With categories including sculpture, packaging, video, typography, architecture, and much more, there’s seriously something for everyone in this blog. It’s hard to even explain how cool this site is – it’s just candy for your designer eyes.

Fuel Your Creativity

This blog not only shares examples of great design, but also tips, tools, and freebies that could help to give your work a boost. Everything from web design to typography to packaging design is included in this blog’s archives.

Design Shard

This blog features designers, tutorials, logos, typography, and digital effects. In addition, there’s an entire section full of freebies, including Photoshop effects, textures and images that could help inspire you to start a new project or add something extra to an existing one. Graphic designers of all aesthetics and specialties can find something inspirational on this site.

A Print a Day

This image-heavy blog shares a variety of illustrations, photographs, and graphics that could help spark an idea or two. There isn’t a whole lot of written content, but the images serve their purpose to inspire.

Ad Goodness

Advertisements are an incredibly influential part of our culture, and they can also be quite inspirational for creative types. This site showcases some of the best and worst ads from around the world, from print to broadcast. There are some truly original examples, so even if your design work has nothing to do with advertising, you can find some inspiration on this site.


If you’re on the lookout for helpful apps, sites or other resources to help with your web design projects, ShareBrain is the perfect place to find a wide assortment of designer resources and inspiration.

COLOURlovers Print

This blog showcases some inspirational color palettes at work. It is a very image-heavy site with photos, books, surreal artwork and much more.

Design Muse

This blog covers everything from packaging to print design to typography and color combinations. All of the examples are very creative and original, and some are even everyday objects that you might not have ever given a second look but that have really great design elements.

Well Medicated

Well Medicated is an “inspiration overdose,” sharing examples of great design from around the web and print worlds. This includes book covers, infographics, illustrations, advertisements and more.

We Function

This web design blog offers loads of inspiration in the form of WordPress themes, Photoshop textures and effects, screenshots of sites from around the web and much, much more.

So next time you’re feeling uninspired, you know there are several blogs just waiting to give your creativity a boost. And this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you have any favorite blogs that you use for inspiration?

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