10 Cool Business Cards Examples

There’s no substitute for business cards to promote your business at any time and on any occasion, whenever and wherever you are. Indeed, you can hand out your business cards to potential customers during a business meeting, at the grocery store, while catching up a plane and even when partying with your friends.

Moreover, business cards are your most important marketing materials as they are the first impression people will get about your business. And often it’s the first impression that matters – especially for graphic designers or anyone who works in a visual profession.

That’s why you should really take your time when creating or choosing your business card design. You definitely want a business card that make your business stand out from your competition and that evoke positive feelings of trust and professionalism. Furthermore, you want a business card that makes potential customers want to call you or pay you a visit.

Ideally, you business card should reflect your company’s image and therefore be relevant to your field so that at a glance the recipient will understand the type of business you’re in, in addition to getting important information like your full name, title, company name and logo, address, phone, fax and email in addition to your website. If you use them, you may also want to add your Twitter handle or Skype name.  Adding your company’s slogan or a few words about your unique selling proposition is highly advised as it makes your business card really stand out.

It is worth mentioning that your business card design should be consistent with your other marketing materials such as letterhead, flyers, brochures and even your website design. If you’d like to add your photo to your business card, do so, as photos reinforce trust and credibility.

The more sophistication you add to your business card the more you can expect it to cost you.  Nevertheless, because business cards have great impact on your potential customers, a cool business card is worth every effort and cost you’re investing in them.

There’s no limit to creativity when it comes to designing a business card as we’ll see in the next 10 examples of cool business cards.


This chocolatier’s strong branding message in addition to great color combination and design has a mouthwatering effect!


A business card from which a plant grows! How creative and innovative!


A great way of being visually memorable. Although it’s clear that this person is a casual guy, so this card may not evoke professionalism.


A dentist’s business card that includes dental floss!  What a powerful branded reminder and also great evocative design.


This card perfectly reflects the business in question and provides an ideal workout for hands muscles as well!


This is a scarily impressive business card that sends a strong message to debtors: “I’ll break your bones if you don’t pay like I did with the previous debtor I was dealing with.”  Uh-huh!


Nice and simple. It benefits the health of the patient. Anyone would want to try it even for mere curiosity, right?


Funny and cool way to promote your product in your business card. I am not buying it though, as it doesn’t look very professional.


This business card speaks for itself.  Tasty!


Simpler than most the examples above, yet fresh and memorable at the same time.
Do you have a cool business card?  Or a favorite that you’ve gotten from someone else? Link us to a photo in the comments below, we’d love to see it.

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  1. Vixis Nov 28, 2012

    What people should remember that a “quirky” business card is all very well, but when its in a managers collection, those are the ones that get put to the bottom of the pile to get put in the managers active contacts! Especially if the co has a business cardrreader!

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